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​Welcome to O.N.S. Charities
Here are the list of charities that we are supporting for a much greater cause so please lend an hand whenever you can. If not, then please share this page with some one else who cares. Below is a brief description of different sources so feel free to click on the organization name and visit their website for full details!

1.) Against Malaria Foundation and Nothing But Nets prevent malaria in several countries by establishing insecticide-nets. These highly effective nets prevents death every 60 sec!

2.) Oxfam International focus on global demands such as food, water, shelter, education, crisis, and etc. You can use the first link for the overall picture and to do massive donation or focus primarily on Oxfam Emergencies!  Oxfam Gifts are for donated gifts. You can purchase personal gifts or a gift that can be donated such as animals, education, and etc. for their local community!

3.) Global Giving focus on donations based on several topics. Picture these mini projects are like Ebay except you are raising money as an collective group. 

4.) Love-A-Sister program is dedicated to woman fistula surgery. You can donate a one time donation or a small monthly donation to cover an woman surgery. They also have a small gift donation section as well as the others. 

5.) International Planned Parenthood Federation are focus for planned parenthood, safe pregnancy, women health, and anything else humanitarian for diverse countries!  

6.) PSI are focus on an overall healthy life. A simple $29.70 is worth 1 year of someone life towards prevention, treatment, and recovery.

7.) UNICEF primary focus are the children for development, preventing child abuse, illness, and more for several countries.

8.) United Nation Foundation allows your donation to go towards children vaccines, diapers, baby food, and bubble bath for the little ones all over the world! 

9.) World Food Program goal is to provide food for the children, the family, and other countries in a crisis situation! 

10.) Charity Water focus is to improve the 1 billion individuals without water by building water projects. More time is used to find unsanitary water than anything else throughout the day including school, working, cooking, and etc.

11.) Millennium Villages overall goals are to improve villages through health, education, business, and etc. They teach the villagers to maintain for themselves once the skills are learned. 

12.) CFCAUSA  and World Vision are primarily for children, youth, or elders. You pay $30-$35 monthly to provide for that individual person which go towards the family and community. The person you will be sponsoring will have basic communication with you such as letters, pictures, emails, and you can even visit them!

            These donations are taxable so remember to save all receipts for future tax returns! 
                                               *THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT*
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