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The Key To Success 
Here within this very page is how my life transformed right before my very own eyes! This is the true gift to life that I've passed down only to loved ones and any one else that is teaching this will charge hundreds if not thousands for you to learn. However your life is today is the overall result of your mental programming. I'm about tear that old program down and build a new one with abundance. There are tons of information dating back 2,000 years ago about this very unique secret. I will cover the most effective way to achieve results using simple tool's on a day to day basis so use them wisely! I use these methods 6 months continuously before I took my first step into Network Marketing and even after 3 1/2 month of not producing income from home I still remained persistent. All I knew was success because of my daily programming and it is the key to my overall result's! 
The Truth About Your Reality!
The Secret...First 20min!
Oprah Winfrey w/ The Secret!
Empowering Woman By Shanel!
Will Smith..The Idea Of Greatness!
Tyrese Gibson...Wise Knowledge!
Abraham-Hicks - Create positive expectations!
The Millionaire Mindset!
~The Money Mind Movie~
~The Abundance Mind Movie~
Breaking The Illusion!
The Process To Succeed!
Success..How Bad Do You Want It?!?
                ~The Divine Matrix~
~Psychology of Sales~
-Inside the Mind of a Millionaire-
                ~The Spirit Science 1-15~
~Tuning In - Spirit Channelers in America~

Income Disclaimer: Our Network Success will guide you to your success not to give you the success. All results are determined by each individuals effort to follow instructions and take initiative action. Therefore, some will generate income while others may not be willing to go through the material to learn how to build an substantial business!
                ~Attracting Money-The Power of You~
~The Power of I-AM~