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The Journey of William Saunders
The day I learn success was not a destination and that it is a journey then I begin to accept failure! Use the Facebook Icon above to add me as an friend or scroll down to the bottom for my income earning proof.                                                                        This is my Journey to financial freedom!
I really never look back in the past because its already done and serve no use to me anymore. Hardship will mold you for a better future but we do not have to keep the heart-ace that comes along with it. As long as I could remember...I never really did follow the rat pack and I was always at the top of my class.

I was raise by my mother so well mannered and caring for others came naturally. I wanted to keep the promise I made to her about giving her everything she deserves. I managed several restaurants and companies since the age of 16. I was the oldest of 5 siblings so leadership from home was no different from the work place. 

I begin to get degrees in other fields such as fitness nutrition, medical assistant, herbalist, PC Technician, and etc. all for my personal use.  Basically, I like these as hobbies and mastered them for fun. Even with my skills and expertise I still never desired to make more than $2,000 a month.

My friends and family came to me first for literally everything and most asked me "Why are you not Rich"? I knew I had the skills but my mindset wasn't in the right place. I always felt as if I was meant to be something great and more...something deep down inside of me knew I could achieve whatever I decided to put in front of my mind...anything I want I knew how to get it from either a friend, a book, school, or etc. but I knew once I wanted and learn the skill then it was mine for the taking!

The thing was..I did't want much and I've already had plenty of skills. One day, around the age of 21 I met an homeless guy living at a church I was doing community service with because I didn't pay a traffic ticket which suspended my license then giving me community hours because I was driving without knowledge and taking to court. 

This homeless was a top C.E.O. of fortune 500 companies and lost it all. He didn't know how he had everything then lost it all. Looking back now..I knew it was his mindset. The man name was "James". I was educated about a lot of things so it was great talking to James about the business world. I knew how to operate the businesses I was helping these companies manage but he knew how to start them and how to get the equipment basically for free.

I learned everything I could from James and within 4 months I got my license for marketing and advertising. I started a lead generation company for mlm seekers looking for opportunities via direct mail. I had everything ready such as the license, the building, credit card processors, marketing material, customer database, and etc! Thanks to James I was ready for business but he wanted no part of the business world any longer. I got this far because of him and now he was sending me off on my own.

I was nervous and honestly preferred to manage another company instead of my own. I decided to put everything on pause and give it to my younger brother as his 18th birthday. He was 7 months away from 18 so it wasn't long I thought. Once the 7 months were up I was well working with another company (Subway) and he wanted nothing to do with running a business at his age anymore. So I did what I do best..manage other people companies!

As time passes I've started a romantic relationship with my best-friend of 8 years. We found out she was carrying life when she was 8 weeks and immediately  I had an flashback. I remember talking to my mother about the life that I wanted to provide for my children when I first have kids. 
This lifestyle was abundance with health and I wanted to raise them with everything I knew. I took another look at my life and knew that I had some catching up to do.

Everything I said I wanted for them in the past I had to have before she was at the age to question me so I figured about when shes the ages of 3 or 4 I need to be complete with the lifestyle I in visioned. I decided to go from making $2,000 a month to making $5,000 a month then I decided to become a millionaire before she was old enough to even speak her first words.

I started taking massive action..I remember back when I had a conversation with James. He said, "Do you know where all the money is"? I replied, "The Bank"? He said, "Yes, but whos bank and how"? I then came to realize that the wealth is in the stock market, real estate (ware houses, buildings, land, and etc.) , lottery, and entrepreneurship (celebrities, athletes, business owners, and etc.)!

I then decided instead of managing other companies I needed to get to where the true wealth is located. So I went to work the following day and planned an leave of absence for my daughters birth. I decided to take 2 months off before my daughter was born and 2 months after she was born so a total of 4 months to spend at home.

I didn't want to end up like James by having everything then losing it all so I prepared for my mindset for 6 months straight before I decided to start another business. This time I wanted to follow through to success and not give in to doubt or failure. 2 week prior to my leaving a few mlm companies came through our location giving presentations.

These folks were from all over the world and decided to come to Florida for this mlm seminar. Groups of them were coming over to my restaurant to grab something to eat so I would always ask them what was going on over there and they would sale me instead of tell me. I wasn't interested I would humbly chant but 1 guy approached me as another person instead of selling to me. He told me if I'm looking for financial freedom then hes the guy for the job. Now, the clock started running since I was home full-time during this mini break.

I decided to use my current skills to generate income from home while on my medical leave. The only thing that picked up was my PC Technician skills and I was able to make a few hundred every week or two. This was solid proof that I could indeed work from home. The time took forever to pass but I've learn a lot and my choice was chosen. Once I returned to work I demoted myself and planned to save as much money as I could for my new home based business.

I went in the remaining 4 months of the year doing less than 30, 20, and 10 hours each week. When 2012 started I had about $3,000 saved and $4, 000 from income tax return plus 2 months worth of bills paid. I begin investing into network marketing courses such as MLSP, Success with Anthony, The Millionaire Society Club, and etc!

I decided to give that guy a call who gave me his business card awhile back. I join his team and this was the first official mlm/network marketing business I started. He didn't make much money with his business but his mentor was an millionaire already. I talked with his mentor and it was very enlightening and this was more satisfying proof on how I could generate income from home.

The millionaire mentor introduce me to his millionaire friend and they both started giving me lessons on how to build the business. A lot of the things they mentioned I didn't quite understand and were new therefore uncomfortable. They did more seminars, large tasting, and house presentations. I knew my issue was not having enough people take a look at my product. In the end the numbers of 100:1 will always play in your favor. This is sales probability. For every 100 people who see your product then 1 will buy.

I then received an automated call one day out of the blue regarding my current business on how some software could get me targeted customers for my current business so I purchased and join that mlm and had no results with them as well. I thought well..maybe I should sell a product that cost $1,000 so I could make 50-75% commission. I soon realize that if I couldn't sell a $10 product then I couldn't sell a $1,000 product. I thought it was the companies so I decided to try my next business and found one that was free thankfully!

I couldn't believe it..even giving a way a free business opportunity I failed to generate income. I then found myself looking into the mirror with bills up to my neck and all hope was no where to be found. It didn't look good being that I spent all the money investing and paying bills plus I had an eviction notice stuck on my front door. I searched for days praying for answers...begging for help on how to market and promote successfully. $7,000 gone and 2 weeks before I officially lost my place I found a new age marketer. One that was very successful in the company I was trying to promote. 

He had an training guide that he was selling it for $60 or I can get it for free if I spent $40 in his home base business. The smart thing to do is to pay $40 and get the training guide for less but unfortunately I didn't have a bank account nor money. I basically beg my 2 friends to join my free business so I could have $60 for the training guide. I then sent him the money via paypal and he felt my heart-ace and decided to sign me up with his $40 business anyways.

Time pass quickly and it was time for us to move so then it really set it...I just gave a roof over my head for my dream. A dream to be financially free and to provide for my family. A dream that had no hope and made the world seem against me. A dream that would take everything from me if I let it. I already lost my house so I was willing to bet on everything else that one day I would be successful. I was so stuck in my world of mindset that my dreams were reality.

I prayed for the training guide I purchased to give me everything I lost and with disappointment through the entire 51 pages I've already heard or tried every method he recommended except for tracking. I never tracked any of my campaigns so when I got the results I was always surprised. I started tracking my results and corrected it as needed. I was satisfied with my structure for the time being and decided to take a chance by using paid advertisement. I borrow about $8,000 from a lending firm and struck gold with my business.

I seen massive results and money started to pour in as soon as 10 days. I was currently staying at an hotel at the time which I borrow money from someone else to pay for but now I had enough funds to get another place right away. After about 3 weeks I've earned around $29,000 from an $8,000 investment and sad to say I didn't even build a list. I still didn't believe the power of a list until later on. I paid back everyone that I borrowed money from and moved into a new home.

I left that company with about 50 email addresses from my team asking me for help. I thought about how much I had to invest and go through and decided to do something simple and duplicatable for my network. I decided to work with the $40 company the marketer who training guide I purchase recommended. My first 2 weeks I had a team of 60 with this new company and decided to create my own training manual for my team then I theorized how we can work smarter not harder.

I knew time and leverage was the key. I decided to leverage everything..ads, videos, emails, and anything else I can get more results with in the fastest or shortest amount of time. I returned to my network marketing friend and asked him for every home based business he was apart of and he gave me all of them. I took the ones that were simple, low cost,  used the most leverage, and I created my first assembly line. I had a little over 30 complete the assembly line with me and my sales exploded. I saw how my earning per customer went from $1.30 to $13.30 which is an huge difference in such a short amount of time. 

The best part is that as time past the earning per customer sky rocket as easy as $100-$300 on average. This is when "Our 6 Figure Formula" was born and so was financial freedom for our network. I've met thousands of people with journeys of their own and one thing is clear. We all have a financial dream to reach and I have the path to take us there!

Income Disclaimer: Our Network Success will guide you to your success not to give you the success. All results are determined by each individuals effort to follow instructions and take initiative action. Therefore, some will generate income while others may not be willing to go through the material to learn how to build an substantial business!